The Cyclones had another perfect day Sunday for our activities. First our group did an “easy” 60 mile morning ride from Windsor to Colcheter, Ontario. We were so anxious to get rolling that we forgot the pre ride photo, but Ati, Dwight, Gerald, Greg, Ken, and Marq were able to make it out. After the ride Greg, Ken and I headed over to “Little Italy” in Windsor for the Tour di via Italia bike races. We were able to find a nice table in the shade right next to the track where we had a delicious italian lunch.  Myrna, was also able to join us. These racers were rolling by so fast (30 mph!) they literally created a breeze each time they passed. Great day, great ride, great friends! – Photos by Steven Moore _DSC0144 _DSC0145 _DSC0195 _DSC0217 _DSC0238 _DSC0252 _DSC0262 _DSC0305 _DSC0328 _DSC0456 _DSC0465 _DSC0505

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