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8:00am Saturday, June 5, 2021

Please join us to commemorate our fellow Cyclone, Tim Perkins.

Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Belle Isle

100 Strand Dr, Belle Isle, Detroit, MI 48207 (Directions)

DURATION: 1 lap around Belle Isle, approximately 6 miles

Prior to riding, we will gather to share special memories of our beloved Tim.

Open to the public

Price: Free

2019 Pedals & Passports ride July 27

Come Join us!

This is a great ride that the Major Taylor Detroit Metro 313 Cyclones have been doing for some time. The route takes us through some of the historic cities that were originally part of the northern portion of the Underground Railroad, including Amherstburg, Colchester and Leamington ON.  Proceeds benefit our youth racing program and initiatives to promote cycling.

Follow the link below to register online.

Registration:  Early bird registration $25 until June 30, 2019.  July 1 – 27 2019 registration is $30 usd.

Ride distances: 30/60/100 Miles. *New Routes for 2019

Meetup will be from Mic-Mac Park (1125 Prince Road) in Windsor ON .

*Note you will need a passport or enhanced Michigan drivers license to cross the US/Canadian border. We recommend using the Ambassador Bridge crossing, make sure you have cash to pay the toll both ways.

*This is a group led ride, SAG supported.

*Helmets Required!!

*Be sure to bring an extra inner tube, water bottles, sunscreen if needed.

The Cyclones had another perfect day Sunday for our activities. First our group did an “easy” 60 mile morning ride from Windsor to Colcheter, Ontario. We were so anxious to get rolling that we forgot the pre ride photo, but Ati, Dwight, Gerald, Greg, Ken, and Marq were able to make it out. After the ride Greg, Ken and I headed over to “Little Italy” in Windsor for the Tour di via Italia bike races. We were able to find a nice table in the shade right next to the track where we had a delicious italian lunch.  Myrna, was also able to join us. These racers were rolling by so fast (30 mph!) they literally created a breeze each time they passed. Great day, great ride, great friends! – Photos by Steven Moore _DSC0144 _DSC0145 _DSC0195 _DSC0217 _DSC0238 _DSC0252 _DSC0262 _DSC0305 _DSC0328 _DSC0456 _DSC0465 _DSC0505

The Baroudeur – Wayne State University

The Metro 313 Cyclones were deep in their representation for the inaugural Wayne State University Baroudeur.  We had a dozen members who were participants on the 100 mile century, 62 mile metric century, and other ride distances.  We also had members who were volunteers.  Major Taylor Chicago was also riding with us.  Excellent weather greeted us as we navigated routes which took riders from the Wayne State campus, through Detroit to Belle Isle, Grosse Pointe, Palmer Park, Lincoln Park, Elisabeth Park and Grosse Ile. Kudos to members of the Detroit Police Department who provided some of the faster groups with our very own police escort, allowing us to roll at average speeds of 23-24 mph!  Awesome!  Wayne State hosted after ride activities which included food, music and a chance to reflect on a great day.  Looking forward to next year.


.IMG_5340 IMG_5333 IMG_5337 IMG_5343 IMG_5344 11889416_10207808810166554_4181621443312617310_n 11889616_10207806906358960_3034610860978180110_n 11890016_10200691342202688_5741711085334662712_o 11891201_10207808810486562_2810424809786170817_n 11896127_10207806906638967_5883598022071565625_n 11921666_10207808807566489_56387229590523438_n 11947414_10207808809646541_132644500238668375_n 11891975_10207806907158980_6437172380820914199_n 11954634_10207808811166579_4499333830578062600_nIMG_5362

The Canada Ride

EPIC! That is the best way to describe The Canada Ride, hosted by the Metro 313 Cyclone/Major Taylor Detroit. It was one for the books. Nice ride with fun group of people. There were two ride distances, 60 miles and 100. The first stint took us along the Detroit River, past Fighting Island and Crystal Island. Our first stop was in the city of Amherstburg. Amherstburg is lovely town and our route took us past historic Fort Malden.
From Amherstburg the route takes us to the city of Colchester and the Colchester Harbor Beach and Marina. This is the halfway point for the 60 mile group. The century riders continued on Leamington and then back to Windsor.

For those of you who weren’t able to make The Canada Ride, you missed a fantastic ride with a fun group. All I can say is get your enhanced driver’s license or passport ready so you can join us next year. Photos from Sharon, Lauralyn and Steven.11752603_10155792892680417_5017755974765561212_n11828577_10155792891120417_924288576143816575_n11800433_10155792886330417_5390640324857032037_nIMG_5195IMG_520211828541_10155792890360417_3901450201107967130_n11817041_10155792891290417_191757560853461967_n11800599_10155792884805417_1914759348324781482_nIMG_524011800134_10207651454792768_9112792545248530524_n11811497_10155792890775417_4014826908297796233_n11813467_10155792886165417_4642070578187127988_n11828640_10155792885995417_783231404522729014_nIMG_5136IMG_5123IMG_5155

Ride Safe Series – Parked Cars

While riding today I witnessed an unfortunate accident where a rider ahead of me crashed into an opening door of a parked car.  I had observed her riding particularly close to a line of parked cars when before I could even think about it, the inevitable happened.  A car door swung open and the cyclist had nowhere to go.  Luckily she was okay, suffering only a skinned elbow and knee, broken glasses and a damaged fork, but I have seen this before and the riders were not as lucky.

Assume that every parked car has an occupant(s) that is preparing to exit their vehicle.  In their defense they are not expecting a cyclist skimming by their side mirror either.  And it just isn’t the driver’s door.  Passenger doors are just as likely to fling open.  Also keep in mind that the doors of today’s large trucks, SUVs and minivans can be nearly 4 feet wide (almost half of the width of a traffic lane).

So, as in the picture,  position yourself well into the lane of moving traffic, even if that means that vehicular traffic behind you has to slow or change lanes to pass you.

car door

Ride Safe. Be Safe

No Excuses For the Cyclones!

Thanks to everyone who came out for our No Excuses Ride with the Metro 313 Cyclones.  We had a great turnout for our ride along Hines Drive, from Dearborn Heights to Northville.  Sharon and John came out a bit later and joined us.  Great weather and sunshine, but it appears we had a headwind both ways, go figure.  We were still able to generate a quick pace, including an impromptu sprint up Cass Benton Hill.  If you didn’t make it out this time, we forgive you, but next week, No Excuses!  Thanks to Shawn Bryant for the photos.


Getting Ready for Spring 2015

The Cyclones had an indoor training session at the Detroit Endurance Lab this month.  Landall Proctor is the owner and his sessions are both informative and strenuous.  As they say, “numbers don’t lie”, and the Lab’s CompuTrainer system keeps a watchful eye on everyones cadence, speed and most importantly power output.