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Metro 313 Cyclones ride Kensington

Kensington Ride


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We had a great day to ride Kensington today, with unusually mild temperatures for late October. Riders included Myrna and her two sons, Ken Gardner, Ken Jackson, Gerald Walker, John Shorter, Shawn Bryant, Klaus Pochner and John Royal. Klaus’ reputation preceded him. He had ridden to Kensington from his house and rides Kensington during his lunch hour. John Royal also rode over. Shawn had already ridden 60 miles. I had never ridden Kensington, but I had heard that it and Island Lake had plenty of hills. Message to self: Give some thought to starting a hilly ride with someone who grew up in Germany with the Alps in his backyard (Klaus) or someone from Pennsylvania and Colorado (John), or someone with a steady diet of century rides (Shawn). Continue reading Metro 313 Cyclones ride Kensington