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Due to the rise in COVID cases in Michigan, the 2021 Ride Season will be postponed until further notice. Please look for updates on our web page and in your email box for updates as they become available.

We are very excited to announce the 2021 Metro 313 Cyclones Ride
Schedule. This year we have a full schedule of rides developed for the various riding experience levels of our growing membership base. As always, our rides must be safe and fun while developing
cycling skills and passion.

As the pandemic is still a serious consideration, please note that all
Club sponsored rides will adhere to the protocols outlined in the
Cyclones Covid-19 Protocols. All participants, vaccinated for COVID -19 or not, must abide by these protocols. The guidelines are adapted from both the Center of Disease Control as well as the US Cycling Organization. These measures are designed to mitigate the transmission of the COVID virus but do not eliminate all risk of transmission. You are accepting full personal responsibility when you participate in a Cyclone Club activity. Please see attached for more details.

This year’s ride schedule:

SKILLS TRAINING 6:30pm/ Location Varies –
See website calendar

Come one! Come all! Focus will be on fundamental cycling skills that
will benefit a beginner as well as the experienced cyclist. Generally,
this will not be a high mileage ride. Mileage and speed will vary based on curriculum. Weekly curriculum and any location changes will be posted on the website calendar.

BELLE ISLE LOOP 8:30am/Dossin Museum, Belle Isle

Rides will consist of laps of the island at approximately 20-30 miles
at 14-17 mph or whatever the wind allows

WOMEN’S RIDE 6:30pm/12th Precinct

It’s Women’s Wednesdays. Rides are designed to be “skills building”.
Rides will start off at approximately a 12 mph pace, 15 miles to start.
As the season progresses, pace and distance will adjust. This ride’s
motto is “burn some calories while having fun with friends”. At least
one male Club member will participate for safety and assistance.

BELLE ISLE LOOP 8:30am/Dossin Museum, Belle Isle

Rides will consist of laps of the island at approximately 20-30 miles
at 14-17 mph or whatever the wind allows

HILLS HILLS HILLS 6:30pm/ Location Varies –See website calendar

Detroit is notoriously flat but we’ve sought out what we could find and it hurts so good. This ride will tackle the rolling terrain of metro Detroit for climbing development. Participates must be capable of maintaining a 16 mph average for 30 minutes to engage in this activity.

REST DAY No Club Rides Scheduled

ALL GROUPS RIDE Times/Locations Varies –See website calendar

There will be 4 group rides. Start time & location/pace/distance will
vary each week and as the season progresses. See group specific
details on the website calendar. The first Saturday of each month, Groups B, C, and D will start the rides at a common location for pre-ride fellowship.

General details:

Group A: ~20+ mph/40-60 miles

Group B: ~15-18 mph/30-50 miles

Group C: ~13-16 mph/20-30 miles

Group D: ~10-12 mph/10-15 miles

SUNDAYS CITY CULTURE CRUISE 10 am/Location Varies – See website calendar

Detroit is so beautiful from the saddle. See the city’s rich beauty,
architecture, and culture while enjoying a leisurely, cruising pace.
Pace will depend on attendees but not intended to break records.
Destinations will vary week-to-week


  • Safety First: Helmets are mandatory
  • No amplified music or personal earbuds
  • Lights, Bells, Maintenance Equipment (tubes/pump/repair tools)
    strongly advised
  • Fuel: Water/fluids and snacks are strongly advised
  • Until further notice: all riders will adhere to the Club’s COVID
    Mitigation Protocols
  • All non-members must sign a pre-ride waiver
  • “No-Drop” Policy – no rider left behind

Looking forward to the 2021 season!

A special thanks to all who have and will contribute to making these
rides happen.

Major Taylor Detroit

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